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Freshwater Metadatabase & Freshwater Metadata Journal

The Freshwater Information Platform offers two ways of managing freshwater metadata:

  • The Freshwater Metadatabase: collects various characteristics describing a dataset (e.g. data provider, access and intellectual property rights, regional coverage and spatial extend, environmental and climate related parameter) and allows querying this information. Use the Freshwater Metadatabase if you want to find datasets that you can include in your research. The Metadatabase will provide you with details about the datasets as well as information on how to access them.
  • The Freshwater Metadata Journal: allows the publication of metadata entered in the Freshwater Metadatabase as a scientific paper using a fully automated process without any costs. All articles are assigned digital object identifiers (DOI) and are made accessible on the FMJ website, thereby making the dataset information citeable and traceable, just like any other standard scientific article.